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Peterborough Canoe &
Kayak Club

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What is a Regatta?
At the Peterborough Canoe & Kayak Club, we’re not just about paddling; we’re about racing with passion and spirit! A regatta is the heart-pounding, paddle-splashing equivalent of a track meet, but on water. It’s where athletes slice through waves, organized by age, to compete in thrilling races, typically covering 200 meters for our budding youth champions.
Solo and Crew Boat Races
Whether you’re in a solo boat or part of a dynamic duo or a fantastic crew boat, regattas offer a variety of races in canoes and kayaks. Our athletes have the chance to showcase their skills in individual glory or team synergy.
More Than Just a Race
Every regatta is an adventure. We believe in the power of experience and the joy of making new friends. That’s why we encourage our athletes to participate in multiple events, it's not mandatory, but, it's an amazing experience.  It’s all about gaining experience, learning teamwork, and enjoying the camaraderie that comes with the sport.
Unique programming
What sets us apart? We’re the only club in the area that offers specialized speed camps. These camps are designed to ignite a love for speed kayaking and canoeing competitions, catering to enthusiasts of all ages. Our programs are tailored to help you race faster, smarter, and with more precision.
Join us at the Peterborough Canoe & Kayak Club, where every stroke is a story, and every race is a memory in the making. Dive into the world of regattas with us, where champions are nurtured, and friendships are forged on the ripples of our lakes.

Regatta Schedule
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